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Plastic Florist Containers

Plastic Florist Containers

Plastic Florist Containers | Florists Supplies

Cheap, inexpensive yet practical, plastic florist containers including dishes, saucers, trays, candle holders are perfect containers for florists foam when creating a flower arrangement where the container is to be concealed or invisible.

Plastic florists containers are available in a range of shapes and sizes that are designed to be used with standard sized florists foam. Fix the foam in place with florists pot tape and conceal with reindeer moss or natural foliage before adding your chosen flowers.

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Large round square plastic tray 16cm diameter to utilise standard florists foam brick. An inexpensive container designed for use in arrangements where the container is to..
Ex Tax: £0.33
Rectangular plastic tray - 25cm. Shallow plastic tray, holds one block of standard florists foam. An inexpensive container designed to be used for floral displays where t..
Ex Tax: £0.79
Long oblong plastic tray. Shallow plastic tray holds 2 blocks of standard florists foam. Designed for use when a container is not a visual part of an arrangement Colou..
Ex Tax: £1.08
7cm Plastic Candle Cup | Florists SuppliesPlastic candle cup allows the flower arranger to adapt candelabras and candle holders to create stunning floral displays. ..
Ex Tax: £0.33
Large green tulip shaped plastic spiked graveside vase. Colour: Green Dimensions: H31.5cm W6.5cm  ..
Ex Tax: £1.24
Plastic Candle Holders 25 Pack | Florists SuppliesPack of 25 plastic candle holders suitable for using with standard dinner candles and florists foam to create a floral d..
Ex Tax: £2.08
Standard plastic frog for use with floral tack to attach florists foam to plastic, ceramic, glass and metal. Colour: Green Dimensions: 3cm x 3cm Looking for insp..
Ex Tax: £0.08
Plastic Spade Florists Foam Holder | Florists SuppliesLarge round square plastic tray 16cm diameter to utilise standard florists foam brick. An inexpensive container desi..
Ex Tax: £0.25
Polyurethane Bowl Planter White 23cm | Vases and ContainersQuality polyurethane planter bowl in glossy white. This great value bowl is lightweight yet durable and the hig..
Ex Tax: £3.04
Small Round Plastic Dish 12cm | Florists SuppliesSmall round plastic dish to use with standard florists foam cylinder. Colour: Green Dimensions: W12cm Looking fo..
Ex Tax: £0.25
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