<p>Every year Fleuroselect, the organisation that trials new seed varieties to grow in European conditions, chooses a flower to concentrate their efforts on. 2015 was the year of the Sunflower, 2016 was the year of the Cosmos and 2017's flower of choice is the Zinnia.</p><p><img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Blogs/zinnias.jpg" style="width: 50%; float: left;"><br></p><p>&nbsp; Zinnias are a late summer bloomer that grows in a wide variety of bold, beautiful &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;colours and the world of <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/artificial-flowers-by-colour">artificial flowers</a> expands the colour selection available. &nbsp;Similar to dahlias but usually smaller and more dainty in size, multi petal zinnias with &nbsp;their compact blooms bring a myriad of colours to the table for florists and amateur &nbsp;flower arrangers to create with.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>&nbsp; Whilst cut zinnias can last for up to 3 weeks with care (changing water every 2 days &nbsp;and removing wilting leaves and heads) artificial zinnias will last indefinitely and we all &nbsp;know artificial flowers are the zero maintenance flowers of choice.</p><p><br></p><p>&nbsp; When arranging with <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/silk-flowers-by-type/artificial-zinnias-silk-flowers">artificial zinnias</a> we recommend you partner them with other &nbsp;artificial flowers that would bloom in the same season. For example zinnias are a &nbsp;summer flower so for authentic looking results pair them with other summer blooms like roses, poppies, dianthus, crocosmia, cosmos or daisies. And don't forget to choose artificial foliage that would also be readily available in the summer months like ivy, lambs ears, alchemilla mollis, rosemary and maples.</p><p>Artificial zinnias look fabulous in summer wedding bouquets too! Their compact form looks fabulous in a posy with roses, peonies, lavender, scabious and lambs ears and takes centre stage in our top selling <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/vintage-wedding-flowers-and-accessories/vintage-wedding-bouquet-bridal-posies/artificial-wedding-bouquet-vintage-peach-cream">Abigail bouquet</a> that is a glorious, romantic collection of summer garden flowers in pastel shades of pink, peach and cream.&nbsp;</p><p><img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Weddings/Wedding Bouquets/Abigail-Bridal-Bouquet-ABI001.jpg" style="width: 25%;">&nbsp; &nbsp;<img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Weddings/Wedding Bouquets/Abigail-Bridal-Bouquet-Detail.jpg" style="width: 25%;">&nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Weddings/Wedding Bouquets/Abigail-Bridal-Bouquet-Handle.jpg" style="width: 25%;"></p><p>If you fancy making a simple centrepiece arrangement of artificial flowers incorporating the 2017 flower of the year, zinnia, why not use one of our many mixed posies that include artificial zinnias as a starting point. Mixed bouquets offer a cost effective, colour co-ordinated selection of artificial flowers that can be displayed as sold or with the use of wire cutters can be separated and re-arranged with the addition of a few more carefully chosen individual blooms to create a flower arrangement to suit your setting. See our full range of artificial zinnias by following the link below.</p><p><a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/silk-flowers-by-type/artificial-zinnias-silk-flowers">https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/silk-flowers-by-type/artificial-zinnias-silk-flowers</a><a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/silk-flowers-by-type/artificial-zinnias-silk-flowers"></a></p><h2><b>Zinnia Flower Meanings</b></h2><p>The zinnia flower has many meanings including thoughts of absent friends, endurance, remembrance, goodness and lasting affection.</p><ul><li>the Victorian meaning of zinnias is thoughts of an absent friend</li><li>Of the heart</li><li>Lasting affection</li><li>Daily remembrance</li></ul><h3><b>Zinnia Flower Colour Meanings</b></h3><p>Zinnias have a different meaning dependent on colour:</p><ul><li>yellow<b>: </b>daily remembrance</li><li>white: pure goodness</li><li>magenta or pink: lasting affection</li><li>red: of the heart, loyalty, family ties,</li><li>mixed: thinking of an absent friend</li></ul><p><h4><b>Interesting Facts about Zinnias</b></h4>Just a few interestin facts about the 2017 flower of the year, Zinnias</p><ul><li>hummngbirds love zinnias</li><li>zinnias attract butterflies</li><li>zinnia flowers can be as small as 2.5cm across and as large as 18cm across and range in height from 20cm to 122cm!</li><li>Spanish explorers discovered the zinnia in Mexico and thout it so beautiful they named it 'mal de ojos' or sickness of the eye!<br><br><br></li></ul>