<h2>Inspired by Nature and Autumn's warm and comforting array of colours</h2><p>Welcome to our seasonal blog post inspired by the heart warming splendour of Mother Nature's Autumn palette.</p><p><img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Blogs/Artificial-Autumn-Leaves.jpg" style="width: 412px; float: left;">&nbsp;Beautiful and dramatic reds, golds, brown, yellows and greens and all the colours in between are our&nbsp; &nbsp;inspiration for a range of Autumnal arrangements that we hope will give you the incentive to decorate&nbsp; &nbsp;your home for Autumn or Halloween and we are including a project for the little ones too!&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;Why not decorate a pumpkin (or two) with artificial flowers and leaves for a long lasting Autumnal&nbsp; &nbsp;display? Or make your own door wreath that can be enjoyed year after year with <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/silk-flowers-by-type/autumn-flowers">artificial flowers</a> in&nbsp; &nbsp;colours from Autumn's natural colour palette. Feeling a little more adventurous? Try your hand at&nbsp; &nbsp;making a garland of Autumn leaves. Fancy an easy rainy day project for the youngsters over the half&nbsp; &nbsp;term holidays? Help them try their hand at making easy, fun animals like lions and Thanks Giving&nbsp; &nbsp;turkeys using cheap yet effective <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&amp;search=oak%20leaves">artificial oak leaves</a> and <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&amp;search=maple%20leaves">maple leaves</a>, cardboard, crayons and glue.</p><p><br></p><h3>Pumpkin Artificial Flowers Arrangement</h3><p><img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Blogs/Pumpkin-Artificial-Flowers-Arrangement.jpg" style="width: 25%; float: left;">&nbsp;A very simple pumpkin arrangement that a novice flower arranger can create.</p><p>&nbsp;Ingredients:</p><p>&nbsp;10 or 12 inch foam wreath base</p><p>&nbsp;<a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/silk-flowers-by-type/autumn-flowers">Assorted Autumn artificial flowers and leaves</a></p><p>&nbsp;Pumpkin</p><p>&nbsp;Wire cutters</p><p>&nbsp;Instructions:</p><p>&nbsp;Place the pumpkin centrally on top of the wreath base. Cut assorted Autumn artificial flowers, leaves, berries and fruit using wire&nbsp; &nbsp;cutters so&nbsp; &nbsp;that they all have roughly 8cm stems. Working with leaves first insert them into the foam base evenly round the&nbsp; &nbsp;pumpkin. Follow the leaves with artificial flowers such as sunflowers, chrysanthemums and roses in Autumn colours ensuring the&nbsp; &nbsp;colours are balanced evenly around the pumpkin and finish with assorted berries and fruits.</p><h3>Autumn Door Wreath with <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/silk-artificial-flowers/silk-flowers-by-type/silk-artificial-hydrangeas">Artificial Hydrangeas</a></h3><p><img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Blogs/autumn-door-wreath-with-artificial-hydrangeas.jpg" style="width: 25%; float: right;">Step by step instructions to make beautiful door wreath with artificial hydrangeas in warm and inviting Autumn colours.</p><p>Ingredients:</p><p>30cm Wicker wreath&nbsp;</p><p>9 Artificial Hydrangeas in Autumn colours</p><p><a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/artificial-leaves-and-foliage/artificial-leaves-and-foliage-by-colour/orange-artificial-leaves-and-foliage">Autumn Leaves</a></p><p><a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/artificial-leaves-and-foliage/artificial-berries-collection">Artificial Berries</a></p><p>Ribbon to hang</p><p><a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/florist-supplies-and-sundries/florists-tools-and-scissors/hot-glue-guns">Hot glue gun</a> and glue</p><p>Instructions:</p><p>Pre heat glue gun. Remove flower heads from 9 artificial hydrangeas and place them evenly around the wicker wreath. When you are happy with that the flowers look balanced remove them one at a time and glue the back centre of each flower into place.</p><p>Glue individual artificial leaves and berries in between the hydrangeas to fill in any gaps.</p><p>Thread ribbon through the back of the wreath and tie off to create a hanging loop and finish by gluing a ribbon bow to the top.</p><h4>Autumn Garland with Artificial Leaves</h4><p><img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Blogs/Autumn-leaves-garland.jpg" style="width: 25%; float: left;">&nbsp;Get crafty and make an effective Autumn leaves garland from artificial maple leaves or any other artificial leaves you like in&nbsp; Autumn colours like bronze, orange, red and gold.</p><p>Ingredients:</p><p>Assorted <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&amp;search=maple%20">artificial maple leaves</a></p><p>String (cut to length required for finished garland)</p><p>Hot glue gun and scissors</p><p>Instuctions:</p><p>Cut leaves from the branches and plants and glue along the length of string ensuring the colours are even along the entire length. Turn over so that the back is facing you and repeat the process gluing more leaves at random along the string. Hang the finished garland over a fireplace, door way or dresser and enjoy!</p><h4>...... and finally an Autumn project for the children</h4><p><img src="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/image/catalog/Blogs/lion-face-with-artificial-leaves.jpg" style="width: 25%; float: right;">A fun and easy, peasy Autumn craft project to keep the children entertained during the half term break.</p><p>Ingredients:</p><p>2 sheets of A4 card</p><p>Coloured crayons, paints or felt tipped pens</p><p>Assorted <a href="https://silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk/artificial-leaves-and-foliage/artificial-leaves-and-foliage-by-colour/orange-artificial-leaves-and-foliage">artificial Autumn leaves</a></p><p>Glue stick</p><p>Craft scissors</p><p>Instructions:</p><p>Draw lions face with black pen or crayon. Template can be found at&nbsp;<a href="https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/lion-leaf-craft/">https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/lion-leaf-craft/</a></p><p>Get children to colour in the face and cut the face out of the card.</p><p>Place the face on the second sheet of cardboard and trace around the edges.</p><p>Remove face and glue assorted leaves (maple leaves are used in the image) around the outline overlapping the line slightly.</p><p>Glue the coloured in face over the leaves to cover the stems</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>