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6 of the best places to display flowers and the reasons why
08 May

6 of the best places to display flowers and the reasons why

Posted By: silkflowersdecoflora Times Read: 1542

Artificial flowers can really make a house feel like a home, but have you considered displaying them in less obvious places. Everyone displays flowers in the sitting room or the middle of the dining table but have you considered a floral display for ………….

1. The kitchen
Space is often at a premium in even the largest kitchen so choose an arrangement with a small footprint but in colours that make the mouth water.

Choose fresh zingy citrus or scrummy berry fruit colours to add a splash of colour to any kitchen and make the mouth water!

2. The hallway
Often forgotten as a destination for a floral display but silk flowers placed on a hall table will be the first thing you notice when you come home and the last thing you see as you leave.

A simple jug and cheery bunch of brightly coloured blooms will cheer everyone that passes through!

3. Outside the front door
In the word of The House Doctor’s, Ann Maurice, “don’t forget to create kerb appeal”. Whether it’s a door wreath at Christmas time, a pretty pot filled with summer bedding plants (and that doesn’t have to mean endless dead heading and watering with the range of realistic artificial plants currently available) or a pair of spiral boxwoods, adding some flowers or trees to the entrance of your home makes a pretty welcome for your guests and will certainly impress the neighbours.

4. The bathroom
This may seem like an unusual choice but we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom - getting ready to go out, relaxing in the bath and preening ourselves in the mirror. Space is often limited so an artificial orchid from www.silkflowersdecoflora.co.uk will add the glamour of a luxury spa without getting in the way.

5. The conservatory
The extreme temperatures often experienced in a conservatory prevent us from displaying real plants and flowers but no such problem with artificial plants and trees. Bring the outdoors in with a gorgeous potted orchid or a delicate artificial rose tree.

6. The bedroom
A posy of fresh flowers looks pretty on a bedside table, particularly in a guest room, but they are not always welcomed by asthma and hay fever sufferers, and believers of the old wives tale that plants steal oxygen at night time causing harm to all who sleep with them! Avoid all confusion with a pretty posy of silk flowers – all the cheer but none of the fear!