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Crystal Pearls Gel Beads Black 20g - CP002

Crystal Pearls Gel Beads Black 20g - CP002

Product Code: CP002
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Crystal Pearls Gel Beads Black 20g | Florists Supplies

This little 20g jar makes an amazing 2 litres of spherical gel beads. Simply add 100ml of tap-water to 1gm of crystal pearls and leave for 8 hours (2 litres of water per pot). Drain off the excess water, and you have a bowl full of gel beads to support stems and enhance your flower arrangements. Great in glass bowls with Floralytes. The makers claim the product has a life of 30 days. 

One jar generates enough spheres to completely fill a 4 x 4 x 12 inch (100 x 100 x 300mm) glass vase!

Colour: Black

TOP TIP: Combine with a floralyte submersible light bulb and clear glass container for a stunning display

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