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Wild Meadow Flower Inspired Artificial Flowers and Arrangements
15 Sep

Wild Meadow Flower Inspired Artificial Flowers and Arrangements

Posted By: Helen Times Read: 1801

We love wild meadow flowers here at Decoflora. 

With a fabulous range of artificial flowers and grasses that faithfully replicate their natural wild flower counterparts it is so easy to create a wild meadow flower arrangement to suit any situation.

I'm sure we are not alone in our love of wild flowers but it's not always easy (or even legal) to bring them into our homes. Once cut they are often short-lived and many, bluebells and snowdrops for example, are protected. Those of us who live in rural locations are fortunate enough to have access to a myriad of wild meadow flowers but our city and town dwelling friends are often less fortunate. So whilst it may seem tempting to pick a bouquet of wild meadow flowers it isn't always practical and an artificial flowers substitute bouquet is a great alternative to those nature has to offer.

 Our artificial daises are a great place to start. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours an artificial flowers meadow      display will always look natural and fresh with summer daisies as an ingredient. There has never been a cheerier sight than a field  full of daisies bobbing their pretty heads in the summer sunlight and to be able to replicate that look in your home with a few of  our terrific range of faux daisies is a great idea.

 Meadow cornflowers, or batchelor's buttons, with  their delicate thistle shaped flowers, will add beautiful shades of sky blue  together with interesting  texture to a wild meadow flowers display. Again available in a wide range of sizes and colours Decoflora's  artificial cornflowers collection is sure to include silk cornflowers that are just right for your chosen vase or container.

  It would be a shame to overlook silk poppies when selecting artificial flowers for a meadow flower arrangement. Available in a myriad of colours including red, pink, white, yellow, blue, orange and many more, they will add impact and colour. With 30 plus different silk poppies to choose from artificial poppies are a testament to the skill of the manufacturers of modern day artificial flowers. Many of our poppies have hand painted petals that painstakingly replicate the detail of their fresh counterparts resulting in faux flowers that would even fool the bees!

 With their vibrant golden flowers and ragged green leaves silk buttercups will add a cheery splash of sunshine to any wild meadow flower arrangement. 

The list of artificial wild flowers available at Decoflora is a long one! Check out our British Wild Flowers collection: from foxgloves to cow parsley, thistles to the gentle nodding heads of snowdrops, you will be spoiled for choice, and, of source, every wild flower arrangement will benefit from the addition of a few well chosen wild grasses.


 Who wouldn't want to enjoy the pretty nodding heads of bluebells in their home? But did you know that, in the UK, bluebells are a protected species? In fact, landowners are prohibited from removing common bluebells from their land for sale and it is a criminal offence to remove the bulbs of wild common bluebells! 

No such worries when you use artificial bluebells from Decoflora for your wild flower displays

Often considered a weed, cow parsley will add an authentic touch to a wild flower arrangement. With their frothy small flowers stems of cow parsley will add softness and texture to a wild meadow flower arrangement.

If you are looking for more inspiration take a look at some of the artificial flower arrangements below that we sell as a ready made product and use them as a guide when making your choices our visit our Pinterest boards where have curated collections of inspirational images for your enjoyment


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