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Instagram Flower Selfies
08 Apr

Instagram Flower Selfies

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Instagram Flower Selfies | Promote yourself and/or your business

In a world of social media, where we are bombarded with images, make your photos stand out from the crowd with photo booth frames, flower walls, swing seats and floral doorways created using a striking colour palette of artificial flowers.

Photo Booth Frames

Now this is a project the most inexperienced can tackle. All you need is a picture frame large enough to take at least one person and an assortment of artificial flowers and greenery. Using quick drying glue or a hot glue gun, fix your floral selection in a 3D pattern around the frame (cover a single corner if your budget is limited) and pass the finished frame around your party guests for them to pose through for their photo opportunities.



Flower Walls

A stunning flower wall is the on trend way to create the perfect backdrop for some gorgeous Instagram worthy photo opportunities. Flower walls can be used for so many occasions and functions such as weddings, birthdays, visual merchandising and business promotions. 

A flower wall is not an inexpensive option but with the help of our new expandable fencing panels as the background there are now cheaper and less time consuming possibilities.

Way back in 2013 Coast fashion stores employed the services of  a forward thinking design company to create these awesome panels filled with flowers for their shop windows. Not only did they capture the attention of passing customers but they provided customers with photo opportunities that advertised the Coast brand every time the pictures were shared on social media.

Flower walls started cropping up at weddings and covers of magazines, at the races and even clubs and bars. I'm not sure if Kingdom Nightclub. Liverpool ever intended for their pretty flower to be used as a climbing wall but I'm certain they will appreciate the advertising that these lovely girls will have drummed up when sharing their fun pics on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ♥


...... and then there are the creative floral installations that are just begging for someone to use as a photo opportunity

We've supplied flowers to cover swing seats in shopping malls, frame doorways of prestigious city restaurants, decorate entrances of London cafes and bicycles advertising eateries. These eye catching installations not only add a bright and cheery welcome to a venue but they too will act as adverts for their locations as visitors share their photos with their followers on social media. A double whammy!







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